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donaufestival 2015

Exploring central issues of life and survival on the planet, which began on the occasion of the last edition of the festival “10 years redefining arts”, again runs like a red thread through this year’s donaufestival programme.
Yet another spring in Krems is reserved for artists from very different genres whose works have the intrinsic potential to interrogate models of understanding the world, to attack conventional structures, but also possess the power to evoke new utopian models of thought and experience.
During the 2 weekends, Donaufestival will open you up for new experiences with it's rich program which includes interactive performative installations, activist interventions, video and sound art and concerts.
To check out the new program for the upcoming 2015 Donaufestival look down or click here!
"donaufestival (...) is one of the most progressive arts festivals in Europe." pitchfork.com (USA)