Festival Željezara 2015 Zajednički (G)rad

Festival Željezara 2nd edition
 was held in Sisak during the first week of June, under the program and working slogan Zajednički (g)rad.
Accordingly, the program of this year's festival developed under the cooperation of profit and non-profit organizations in the field of culture: arts organization Invisible Sisak, Miroslav Kraljević Gallery (G-MK), creative agency Lab 852, Kontraakcija, The Neighbourhood Museum, the artist (director) Marijan Crtalić and curator Natasha Kadin. During this week and in some weeks before, citizens of Sisak and the surrounding area had the opportunity to participate in various workshops, lectures, discussions, creative incubators, student exchange, and witness the results - exhibitions, concerts, presentations of various studies. The program wanted to encourage the cultural revitalization of Sisak.
During the festival, Lab 852, in collaboration with French organization Trempolino, organized the first part of our pilot project European Music Incubator (EMI) as a part of Rendez-Vous" French festival in Croatia. During this time, our first step - the music residence and collaboration - was held in Sisak and included a creative collaboration between a French songwriter Mauve Lunel and a Croatian musician Ohnokono. They shared their different music experienced and inspirations and produced their collaboration/residency product - songs. They also presented their individual music during Festival Željezara in Željezara Institute:
Mauve Lunel 
on June 3 at 8 pm
on June 4 at 8 pm
After Sisak, EMI and their residency continued in Zagreb. First, we had an all-day workshop in Jiggy Bar on June 6., which was intended for musicians and music professionals to share their insights and experiences. After that, on June 7, the musicians' final collaboration was presented on MIMO event in the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb - more about that here.
More about EMI project find HERE.