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The topic of the second home is weaved around the connection between the history of the old shepherd settlement of Humac and Grapčeva cave with the problem of touristic gentrification and concepts of artistic nomadism, migrations, and temporary residence. Through research and co-creation in the format of artist residency programs as well as the presentation of the process and results in the format of the Etno Hvar Festival, the research of new economic models based on the cooperation between artists and the local community will be commenced.

During the pilot – program of Second Home in July 2018 thirteen artists participated in the residency program and presentations in the frame of Ethno Hvar Festival – Humac:

1. Paulina Almeida (PT)
2. Pavlica Bajsić Brazzoduro
3. Tommaso Rolando (IT)
4. Sara Renar
5. Ana Kovačić
6. Vitar Drinković
7. Tatjana Mateša (RS)
8. Marko Jozić (RS)
9. Josip Drdić
10. Barbara Raad
12. Katerina Duda
13. Paolo Giovani Bonfiglio (IT)

The format of the festival is developed around the concept of interdisciplinary exhibition / live museum, along with a residency program for artists and musicians and a clear emphasis on collaboration and co-creation as well as site-specific intervention, connected to one story that contains the entirety of experiences and events, contemporary and historical alike. The project is developed with the purpose of creating thoughts about the future and touristic valorization of the unique example of well preserved rural architecture of Humac and the archeological site of Grapčeva cave, as well as asking the questions about non-existence of information about the location of a part of archeological findings of late Neolithic era and bronze age from Grapčeva Cave, as well as the need to locate and valorize them as a part of local cultural heritage.

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